"Fillet Minyan" is a start up minyan in the holy shtetl of Redwood City CA. Our focus is on building a community of G‑dliness, joy and epic times for all. 'Come join our magical mitzvah band. (No application necessary).

Davening with uplifting and joyous song 10:00am
Torah reading with riveting and engaging discussion 10:50am
Delicious gourmet kidush with hot cholent! 12:30pm

We hold services every Shabbat.

Once a month we have a special service at 2890 El Camino Real in Redwood City.

Services Schedule:

Friday Night and Saturday Night - Changes based on Shabbat times, please call for times.

Shabbat morning at 10:00AM

Services Schedule for 2015 - please contact Rabbi Levi for location, Rabbi@ChabadMidPen.com