About Us

Rabbi Levi, born and raised in London, England, studied in Yeshivas in London, Israel, and New York, and received his Rabbinical Ordination from the Central Chabad Yeshiva in Brooklyn, NY. He interned at the Jewish Community Center in Budapest and the Chabad Center in Hawaii.  Additionally he was a Roving Rabbi in far-flung communities across the globe, from Turkey to Estonia, to Panama and everywhere in between.  Rabbi Levi studied under the famed Kabbalist, Rabbi Yoel Kahan, and has lectured across the country on the practical application of Kabbalah.  Renowned for his insight and sincerity, Rabbi Levi applies his love and knowledge of Judaism to daily life.  Prior to moving to the Mid-Peninsula, Rabbi Levi directed the Executive Learning Program in New York, NY.

Ella, born and raised in Southern California, graduated from the Ohel Chana Teaching Seminary in Melbourne, Australia.  Prior to moving to the Mid-Peninsula, Ella was the Program Director and Hebrew School Director for Chabad of S. Barbara.  In her capacity as Program Director, Ella coordinated several international Chabad projects.  This includes the world famous Lego Menorah, replicated all over the world, that has earned Ella the tiltle "Lego Menorah Queen".  After her marriage to Rabbi Levi, Ella relocated to Brooklyn, NY and worked for Chabad.org.  With her vibrant and vivacious personality, Ella has touched the lives of all those she had come in contact with.

Rabbi Levi & Ella are joined by their biggest supporters, Perel, Kreindel, Mendel, Yosef and Yehudis 

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