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High Holidays at the Courtyard Marriott

Capture the spirit and tastes of Rosh Hashanah with family and community at this unique and memorable Rosh Hashanah Community Dinner at the Courtyard Marriott in Redwood City. We will be hosting Community Dinners on both nights of Rosh Hashana.

Please join us for High Holiday Services. Hebrew English Prayer books • Personalized Prayer • Simultaneous Childrens Services • Free admission • Uplifting Melodies • Meaingful explanations throughout the service • Comfortable Air Conditioned premises at the Courtyard Marriot in Redwood City

1st Night Rosh Hashana Community Dinner

Sun, Sep 29, 2019

1st Day Rosh Hashana Services

Mon, Sep 30, 2019

2nd Night Rosh Hashana Community Dinner

Mon, Sep 30, 2019

2nd Day Rosh Hashana Services

Tue, Oct 1, 2019

Kol Nidrei

Tue, Oct 8, 2019

Yom Kippur Services

Wed, Oct 9, 2019

Mincha, Neila and Break-Fast

Wed, Oct 9, 2019