Ella's Challah

Chllah Pic.jpgEvery Friday morning the smell of my father's delicious Challah permeated the house.  He made the best Challah.  Ever.  He was a Rabbi with a vibrant personality that drew everyone close.  And of course his Challah.  His Challah brought people from everywhere together.  With his commercial sized mixer he would make Challah for an army, and his kids, would stand at attention, each with their own job, to help with the task of making Challah.  Each ingredient exact.  The order with which it mixed was followed precisely.  The result?  An incredibly delicious Challah, mixed, braided and baked with love.  Even after I married and moved to the Bay Area to start my own Chabad House, coming home to my father’s Challah…  what a treat!

It’s been seven years since my father passed away.  Each week I pull out my mixer and his recipe.  As I bake, I connect.  I connect to his love, his legacy and his life.  My Challahs are mixed with the love that my father had for his family, his community and for the Torah.

Ella's Challah can be purchased every Friday from Chabad MidPen.  Additionally Ella's Challah is dropped off at different locations in the Bay Area.  Please click here to order your Challah or to start a Challah delivery program in your company. 

Ella's Challah's are certified Kosher Pareve by Chabad MidPen